Predicting Response, Improving Results

Pharmacogenomics testing is used to assess the relationship between an individual’s or tumor’s genomic makeup and a patient’s response to drugs compounds. Pharmacogenomic testing can be used for theranostic purposes in order to predict how a patient will respond to specific drugs. PGx testing is also playing an increasingly important role in clinical trial testing and can be used to better select trial populations by predicting drug efficacy and safety.

Cancer Genetics, Inc. offers a range of pharmacogenomics testing services for clinical oncologists, cancer centers, and research institutions, as well as for biotech and biopharma customers engaged in clinical trials.

Pharmacogenomics for Clinical Trials

We offer a comprehensive range of pharmacogenomics testing services for both biotech and biopharma companies through our Select One® Clinical Trials program.

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Clinical Oncology Testing

Testing for theranostic biomarkers has become part of the standard diagnostic paradigm for many cancers. In addition to understanding an individual patient’s subtype or risk of disease progression, understanding whether or not they are likely to respond to certain therapy regimens is essential to determining the best way to manage a patient’s disease. CGI offers theranostic testing for a number of hematological and solid tumor cancers.

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