CGI Medical Assistance Program

CGI is committed to providing our patients with cutting-edge proprietary tests that provide critical genomic information needed to diagnose, monitor and inform cancer treatment regardless of their financial situation.  We understand medical expenses are unplanned and can place a financial strain on patients that are uninsured or under-insured.

CGI has established the Medical Assistance Program to help patients with payment of their laboratory out-of-pocket expenses.

CGI’s Medical Assistance Program offers:

    1. Discounted Fee Schedule:
      • CGI offers reduced fees for patients who have no insurance coverage or limits on their coverage for the amount of laboratory services
      1. Financial Hardship Assistance:

For those patients that qualify, the following may be available:

        • Tiered discounts based on the US Department of Health and Human Services poverty guidelines
        • Charity Care considerations based upon a referral from a treatment facility or physician
        • Waiver of cost due to an indigent request from a physician or treatment facility
        • Payment plans tailored to the patient’s financial situation


CGI determines your eligibility based on your income and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services poverty guidelines.  Please refer to the Financial Hardship Guidelines.

How to apply:

To determine your eligibility:

        1. Download and complete the Application and Request for Installment Plan forms.
        2. Return it to the corresponding addresses listed on your invoice.
        3. Include one of these required documents:
          1. A copy of last year’s W2 form
          2. A copy of last year’s income tax return
          3. A copy of your 4 (four) most recent pay stub (s)
          4. A proof source indicating that you are eligible for local, state, or federal assistance programs

If you are an Indigent Patient, download and have your physician complete the Indigent Patient Agreement.

If you are receiving Charity Care, please include a copy of your Charity Care approval letter.

Once we receive your completed application and documentation, we will determine if you meet the established criteria.  Please allow approximately two weeks for your application to be processed.  Do not make any payments until you receive notification regarding the status of your request.

Applying for acceptance into our CGI Medical Assistance Program does not guarantee reduced charges.

Contact us if you have any questions regarding our CGI Medical Assistance Program.

CGI is proud to empower the affordable route to personalized medicine.