Focus::NGS™ – Access The Next-Generation Of Cancer Diagnostics

Focus::NGS – CGI’s Unique, Targeted NGS Panel

One of the major challenges in doing cancer diagnostics is to find mutations that might be very important but might be present in very low levels in the tumor due to tumor heterogeneity.

Two problems facing the traditional sequencing assay are sensitivity and throughput. By sensitivity what I mean is that there will be mutations present at a very low level such that they will not be detected and by throughput what I mean is that you can only look at a very small number of genes each time such that you will not have a very comprehensive view of the genomic profile of a tumor.

The next-generation sequencing service enables us to meet the challenges of these two problems by giving us the chance to look at multiple genes simultaneously at a highly sensitive level. The NGS service offered at CGI will then help the clinicians in patient management at multiple levels such as diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment selection.

Ultimately, based on the NGS result, each patient will receive the most suitable treatment tailored for himself or herself, which is the essence of personalized medicine.