CGI Announces Translocation Patent For Detecting Cancer Through FISH

Cancer Genetics Incorporated (CGI) has been awarded a patent for methods of analyzing chromosomal translocations using Fluorescent in situ Hybridization (FISH)

U.S. Patent #7,585,964 (assigned September 2009)

CGI was awarded this patent in September 2009. Chromosomal Translocation is a significant chromosomal abnormality and CGI is pleased to to be a part of providing the necessary research and development to enable early detection of cancer through cytogenetics.

This invention describes probes and methods of using probes to detect chromosomal rearrangements to provide greater selectivity and sensitivity. The probe sets utilized in the detection methods are designed to hybridize to chromosomes at regions outside known breakpoints, instead of spanning the breakpoint as with conventional FISH methods, and, in some instances, are further designed to bind to regions located outside the genes involved in the rearrangement. Probe sets for four translocations have been designed by CGI:

(11;14)(q13; q32) (BCL1; IGH)

t(14;18)(q32; q21) (IGH; BCL2)

t(8;14)(q24; q32) (MYC; IGH)

t(9;22)(q34; q11) (BCR; ABL)