Cancer Genetics Announces NIH Grant For Kidney Cancer Detection

CGI was awarded a grant from the NIH to develop an assay for the detection and differentiation of Renal Carcinomas.

The grant was awarded for the next year and amounts to slightly above $275,000 USD. Based on the progress we make, we will be able to apply for an additional $369,000 USD in mid-2011.

This grant continues to reinforce CGI as the leader in combining leading edge cytogenetic and molecular research in cancer with real clinical needs and utility. Kidney cancer causes approximately 13,000 deaths in the US each year and an estimated 58,200 new cases were uncovered in 2008/09. There is a real need for earlier and more differentiated diagnosis, especially with the limited amounts of tissue aspirate that is usually available from clinical cases. This project will result in the development of fundamental IP for CGI in the areas of FISH based detection, molecular cytogenetics and decision-tree development for kidney cancer treatment.