The Tissue of Origin Testing Service Includes

Together, the three tests cover nearly 5000 genes and 17 tissue types – representing 69 morphologies and covering 95% of solid tumors – to identify the tissue of origin.

Based on results from the Tissue of Origin Test, the Tissue of Origin Endometrial Test and the Tissue of Origin Head & Neck Test will be ordered by the CGI pathologist as needed to pinpoint the tumor of origin.

Testing Service

The most validated, most accurate and most published testing service offers THREE Tissue of Origin tests that use a tumor’s genomic information to help identify its origin in challenging cases:

Tissue of Origin Testing Service

  Description Number of Validation Specimens Published Accuracy*
Tissue of Origin FDA-cleared, 2,000 genes, 15 tissue types 462 89%
Tissue of Origin Endometrial 375 genes; distinguishes Endometrial from Ovarian 75 95%
Tissue of Origin
Head & Neck
2,600 genes differentiate NSCLS from HN, when morphology is squamous 76 83%

 Reading the Tissue of Origin Report

  • Similarity scores (SS) are graphically represented
  • SS measure the similarity of the RNA expression pattern of the specimen to the RNA expression pattern of the indicated tissue
  • SS range from 0 (low) to 100 (high) and sum of 100 across 15 tissues on the panel