Tissue of Origin Endometrial Test

Cancers that are either metastatic or involve both the ovary and endometrium can present a diagnostic dilemma. For example, endometrial cancers metastatic to the ovary can often mimic ovarian primaries on gross and microscopic examination.

The Tissue of Origin Endometrial Test, a laboratory developed test, analyzes 14 different morphologic subtypes using a 316 gene classification model to report the more likely tissue of origin between Endometrial and Ovarian cancer.


TOO-Endometrial Table

Tissue of Origin Endometrial Analysis

  • When ovarian is the highest SS in the Tissue of Origin test, the Tissue of Origin Endometrial test may be ordered at no additional charge.
  • SS range from 0 (low) to 100 (high) and sum to 100 across the two tissues, ovarian and endometrial.