Our bioinformatics team analyzes the gene and/or polymorphism of interest and designs assays to specifically discriminate against homologues, pseudogenes, and other genes.  We use a matrix approach to determine the optimal reaction parameters.  Our assays are reviewed by a certified bioinformatist prior to release into the testing phase.  CGI has designed difficult assays such as cytochrome P450s, some of which have gene deletions and gene conversions within the same gene.

CGI is able to design an assay for a client or review the clients assay.  Our team keeps current on the literature as well as the updates to the public databases to ensure that the most up-to-date information is used in assay design.

CGI’s bioinformatics team can analyze client datasets after testing is complete to search for specific associations. These types of analyses have been conducted on both gene expression and DMET data at CGI. Utilizing standard and customized software, our team also has the ability to work with complex datasets, examining multiple dimensions of tumor profiles.

Sample Logistics

CGI offers clients clinical logistics support and sample collection and shipping guidance to ensure the highest quality biospecimens are obtained and stored for analysis. Our experts provide recommendations and share best practices for collecting clinical samples as part of a pharmacogenomics study in addition to preparing sample collection kits for use at study sites. After collection, CGI works with Marken and other shipping logistics vendors both internationally and domestically to quickly and safely transport specimen to our site. We are well versed in customs specifications and regulations for the shipment of biological samples globally.