Our FISH-based HPV-Associated Cancer Test

Fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH) is a sensitive and accurate technique that allows the detection of chromosome aberrations. In this method, a single-stranded fluorescent-labeled nucleic acid sequence (probe) complementary to a target genomic sequence is hybridized to metaphase chromosomes and interphase nuclei to detect the presence and absence of a given abnormality. FISH complements traditional cytogenetic karyotype analysis. The chief advantage of FISH is that is can be applied to non-dividing cells and a variety of specimen types.

Tissue of Origin®

The Tissue of Origin (TOO) test, formally a Pathwork test, is a microarray-based gene expression test that aids in identifying challenging tumors, including metastatic, poorly differentiated, and undifferentiated cancers. TOO is the ONLY FDA-cleared test of its type and is a Medicare-reimbursed test.