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Written by: AndrewLincoln

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May 10th, 2017

Avatar has selected Cancer Genetics, Inc. (CGI; Nasdaq: CGIX) to be featured for this month’s Supplier Spotlight. (formerly Assay Depot) is the largest online marketplace for scientific and pharmaceutical research services connecting thousands of researchers to service providers. saves its users time, reduces costs, improves access to innovation, and ensures compliance.

Recently, the company featured an interview of CGI in a monthly customer newsletter, blog, and social media channels. We’ve included the interview below for our Shared Insights readership…

What is your company’s mission?
CGI’s mission is to empower personalized cancer treatment around the globe by developing and delivering products and services that drive the highest levels of patient value for optimal patient care management. CGI’s innovative products and services are poised to transform cancer patient management, increase treatment efficacy, and reduce healthcare costs.

Describe your company’s most popular service offering.
Disease-specific, next-generation sequencing assays for heme and solid tumor indications.

Why should customers use your services? Do you save time, money or provide access to innovation?
CGI’s research focuses on the development of state-of-the-art applications for the detection of genomic abnormalities in cancer and offers these applications to physicians and Biopharma clients for patient care and clinical trial programs.
CGI has a corporate culture that inspires innovation, respects knowledge and fosters leadership. CGI has a dedicated staff that takes pride in our specialized and streamlined laboratory services, superior turnaround time (TAT), enhanced reporting, EMR integration, and ongoing research and development for new innovative tests.

What new services, tools or technologies will you be offering over the next biennium?
Multi-analyte protein immunofluorescence for FFPE, additional flow-based assays for heme indications, additional ctDNA assays, additional rare cell (CTC) genomic and pharmacodynamic assays, and translational solutions including access to services for primary cell line development for downstream drug resistance/sensitivity experiments and genomic studies.

What is your company doing to remain an industry leader?
CGI has established strong research collaborations with key thought leaders in oncology and major cancer centers within the U.S. and abroad. These collaborations enable us to develop and validate new innovative proprietary tests in a clinical setting with the gained access to robust patient data. CGI’s abundant knowledge in oncology and vast testing capabilities allows for these proprietary tests to be tailored to the collaborators’ needs and specifications and to offer these tests to physicians and biopharma for use in the clinical and trial settings. CGI also scans the new technology landscape and adopts.

Have you been able to use to increase your business? has enabled CGI to establish new client relationships and to expand a few current relationships. CGI supports this eCommerce model since it facilitates the ability of academics and pharma to more effectively mine for the needed tools and technology and expedites research and development more effectively. CGI is very aware of the benefit of’s centralized services agreement model, which have a cost-benefit advantage for biopharma and CGI by reducing time and costs for legal review of individual MSAs and associated SOWs.

To learn more about CGI’s service offerings or to schedule a conversation with our medical directors and assay development scientists who developed and validated the tests on the CGI menu, please send me a note. I’d be happy to schedule time to help evaluate and discuss how CGI’s offerings could be used to meet your clinical trial and drug development needs.


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