At inception, one of the goals of CGI was the design and production of DNA-FISH probes for cancer diagnosis and disease management, taking into account the most recent developments in research on genomic changes in cancer and their clinical relevance. To this end, largely supported by Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grants from the National Institute of Health, a panel of hematopoietic and solid tumors was developed. Recently, the focus has shifted to the development of panels of DNA-FISH Probes that together are informative for disease-specific features. In addition, CGI is committed to the development and commercialization of CGH Microarray products for cancer diagnosis, prognosis, classification, and monitoring. Microarray-based clinical tests are expected to become a significant part of clinical diagnostic testing in the future, and hold promise in improving disease diagnosis, risk stratification, and selection and optimization of drug regimens.

Detail of small business innovation and
research grants awarded by NIH to CGI

PhaseGrant TitleProject DateAmountGrant No.
IFISH Assay for the Detection of t(14;18)(q32;q21)02/10/00 - 08/31/00$132,3711R43CA84838-01
IMolecular Probes for Burkett’s and Mantle Cell Lymphoma01/24/01 - 08/31/01$158,4251R43CA89970-01
IIFISH Assay for the Detection of t(14;18)(q32;q21)04/01/01 - 03/31/04$995,2092R44CA84838-02
IFISH Assay for Acute Myeloid Leukemia (Cancer Genetics)08/01/01 - 07/31/02$226,5081R43CA91532-01
IHigh Throughput System for FISH Analysis (PAR-99-103 Applications of Innovative Technologies for the Molecular Analysis of Cancer)06/03/02 - 01/31/03$186,1451R43CA94363-01
ISeptin 10: Expression Surrogate for IGHV Mutation in CLL (Karkigen)05/31/05 - 05/31/06$98,8681R43CA114942-01
I/IIDevelopment and Validation of a FISH-Based Renal Cancer Detection Assay02/12/08 - 08/11/12$742,9401R44CA134103-01
I/IIDevelopment of a FISH-Based HPV-Associated Cancer Detection Test06/01/09 - 05/31/13$763,9581U44CA139667-03

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