FHACT® – Our FISH-based HPV-Associated Cancer Test

Fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH) is a sensitive and accurate technique that allows the detection of chromosome aberrations. In this method, a single-stranded fluorescent-labeled nucleic acid sequence (probe) complementary to a target genomic sequence is hybridized to metaphase chromosomes and interphase nuclei to detect the presence and absence of a given abnormality. FISH complements traditional cytogenetic karyotype analysis. The chief advantage of FISH is that is can be applied to non-dividing cells and a variety of specimen types.

CGI is developing innovative DNA-FISH probe panels dedicated to help clinicians in the clinical management and detection of HPV-associated precancer and cancers. The development and validation of these new FISH-based assays is expected to place CGI as the leader of cancer molecular diagnostics.

FISH-based HPV-Associated Cancer Test (FHACT®)


The success of screening programs for the detection of precancer lesions of cervical cancer based on the appearance of abnormal cells in cytology specimens is well known, but there is a great need to identify additional biomarkers to increase the sensitivity with which precancer and cancer are detected. Given the well accepted etiologic involvement of high-risk human papillomavirus (HPV) in this disease, diagnostic assays implemented for the detection of high risk HPV types has improved the sensitivity. Genomic abnormalities observed in HPV-associated cancers can also serve as biomarkers of cancer progression, whose detection in a FISH based assay can be implemented with precancer and cancer screening programs to enhance sensitivity. The FISH-based HPV-associated Cancer Test (FHACT®) developed at CGI is a single hybridization assay for the detection of chromosomal regions often observed early in HPV-associated precancers, and as such represent biomarkers of HPV-associated cancer progression. FHACT® is anticipated to have extensive utilization in screening programs not only for cervical and anal cancers but also for other HPV-associated cancers such as oral and oropharyngeal cancers.

For more information about FHACT®, please visit www.cgifhact.com.

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