CGI Adopts the Avoca Diligent Prequalification Platform to Help Sponsors in the Clinical Trial Vendor Selection Process

Written by: AndrewLincoln

Published on:
April 6th, 2017


As an oncology diagnostic and clinical trial service provider, CGI recently became an early adopter of the innovative Avoca Diligent Prequalification Platform by The Avoca Group.


Increase quality, Improve efficiency, Reduce risk, and Accelerate the selection of critical clinical trial service providers

Recently, the Avoca Group invited leading technical service providers, including CGI, to complete carefully crafted core and technical (Request for Information) RFI templates to assess capabilities, quality, cost, and other attributes from industry leaders. By centralizing this information, Avoca helps drug sponsors speed up the process of prequalifying and selecting new service labs. CGI welcomed the invitation and gladly participated in the effort as an early adopter.

As the complexity, size, length, and globalization of clinical trials continues to increase, our industry continues to wrestle with cost control. The estimated average drug development cost in U.S. is about $2.6 billion [1], with the largest portion from clinical trials.

We all know precision medicine is the optimal approach for cancer care. Novel technologies, expanding knowledge of molecular landscapes, and the increasing approval of targeted drugs make the promise of personalized cancer therapy nearly ‘palpable.’ As such, the “classical” clinical trial paradigms of patient selection from traditional clinicopathologic parameters is being abandoned. Precision medicine-based clinical trials enroll patients on the basis of specific molecular aberrations. Innovative trial designs, which address novel challenges induced by the increasing molecular fragmentation of cancer, including the basket and n-of-1 trials, adaptive trial designs, umbrella trials, etc. are all evidence of the precision medicine trend [2, 3].

However, innovations in both precision medicine clinical care and clinical trials add further complexity to our already intricate health care system. And, complexity requires a focus on cost control. There is an increasing pressure on drug sponsors, regulatory agencies, the medical community, payors, and public health agencies to reduce costs yet continue to decrease drug development time and improve drug effectiveness and safety.


Created to improve quality and reduce cycle time in the prequalification of technical providers, the Diligent Prequalification Platform is an “innovative new model for Provider prequalification using standardized and centralized information to improve upon the prevalent redundant and dysfunctional model”.

Through its voluntary participation in the initiative, CGI supports less costly and time-consuming processes of clinical trial vendor selection. The Avoca platform is yet another tool to help enable CGI’s biopharma clients to receive RFI information rapidly and in a consistent format. It’s another example of our commitment to high quality precision diagnostics and streamlined drug development processes.

CGI invites sponsors and CROs to contact The Avoca Group at to request these completed RFIs as needed to accelerate their review and selection of CGI for their clinical trials.

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