Cancer Genetics Announces Distribution Partnership with Excilone

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Cancer Genetics, Inc.’s (OTCQB: CGIX) (“CGI” or the “Company”) wholly-owned subsidiary, Cancer Genetics Italia, S.r.l. (“CGI Italia”), has entered into an agreement with Excilone (“Excilone”), based in Elancourt, France, for the distribution of CGI Italia’s oncology-focused fluorescence in situ hybridization (“FISH”) Probes. This new partnership expands CGI’s distribution network into the French, Belgian, and Swiss markets, representing a total population of over 84 million where over 100,000 FISH tests are performed annually.

FISH allows for the detection of targeted DNA rearrangements commonly found in cancer, and is therefore widely used for the diagnosis, outcome prediction and clinical management of cancer patients. CGI designed and developed a set of DNA-FISH Probes for the diagnosis and prognosis of hematologic and solid tumors including HPV-associated cancers.

Excilone’s objective is to develop and provide global solutions to meet the needs of the clinical and research communities in pathology and cytogenetics. As part of this integrated solution, Excilone offers microscopes, image analysis software, sample preparation instruments, and reagents. Combined with CGI Italia DNA-FISH Probes, Excilone will provide laboratories the full range of tools needed to perform simultaneous multicolor FISH testing to detect genetic aberrations.

“The CGI Italia portfolio is a key element for us to complete our integrated solution for FISH analysis to answer the growing demand of French pathologists,” said Pierre Defrenaix, CEO of Excilone. “The combined product offerings will expand our reach into the diagnostic market for cancer, and ultimately help improve patient care.”

This partnership further extends the Company’s mission of providing clinical laboratory professionals Access to Excellence in Oncology by offering robustly designed products for FISH and cancer diagnostics.

About Excilone
Excilone, headquartered in Vicq, France, was founded in 2008. The company’s principal activity is to distribute instruments and reagents to pathology and cytogenetics laboratories, including microscopes, image capture and analysis software, and databases. Its Integrated Solution approach aims to reduce losses in efficiency by providing the full range of required instruments and reagents. For more information about Excilone, please visit

About Cancer Genetics Italia S.r.l.
Cancer Genetics Italia S.r.l. (“CGI Italia”) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cancer Genetics Inc. (“CGI”). CGI Italia manufactures and distributes DNA-FISH Probes to the clinical and academic communities worldwide. CGI Italia, founded in 2009 by world-renowned human geneticist R.S.K. Chaganti, is now celebrating its fourth year of business, and is offering an array of high-quality products with an oncology focus. Indeed, CGI Italia offers 31 FISH Probes that are CE marked (also available as RUO – “Research Use Only”) and cover the most relevant FISH panels for hematological and solid tumors. It should also be noted that CGI Italia was the first to launch a CE marked ALK Break Apart Probe in the EU. In addition to commonly used
FISH Probes, CGI Italia developed a proprietary Probe that targets chromosomal aberrations observed in HPV-associated cancers. We launched the FISH Based HPV-Associated Cancer Test (FHACT™) intended for cervical cancer in 2012. FHACT™ is currently available as RUO. CGI Italia news releases and other information are available on the company’s Web site at

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