Cancer Genetics Acquires vivoPharm, Enhancing its Value Proposition for Oncology Discovery and Development

Written by: Anna Israyelyan, MD, PhD
Manager, Biopharma Solutions

Published on:
August 29th, 2017

Anna Israyelyan, MD, PhD
Dr. Israyelyan joined CGI in 2015. She has over 15 years of extensive cancer research and management experience in industry and academia covering wide range of medical areas, including basic, translational, and clinical research. Anna is an active member of the American Society of Hematology (ASH), the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR), and American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). Dr. Israyelyan has a scientific advisory role with matrix management of scientific, technical, and operational aspects related to various biopharma projects and collaborations involving biomarkers in solid tumors and hematologic malignancies.

“We are delighted vivoPharm’s unique value proposition of integrated preclinical, safety and biomarker profiling, both in-vitro and in-vivo, have combined with Cancer Genetics and a team at the forefront of precision oncology.”
Ralf Brandt, PhD
New President of CGI Discovery & Early Development Services
Cancer Genetics, Inc. (Nasdaq: CGIX) announced on August 14th the acquisition of vivoPharm, a global leader in pre-clinical and early drug discovery and development, with a specific expertise in immuno-oncology (IO). vivoPharm’s addition to CGI expands the company’s overall geographic footprint and its role in the oncology value chain.
With over a decade of experience, highly scalable platforms for early discovery, pre-clinical and pharmacology services, vivoPharm’s addition to CGI is expected to add considerable opportunities for our biopharma clients, collaborators, and partners in both pre-clinical studies and IO clinical trials. It’s supported more than 200 IND submissions for innovative therapies across 20+ therapeutic indications (including lymphomas, leukemia, GI-cancers, liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, non-small cell lung cancer, and other non-cancer rare diseases), from a worldwide footprint of state-of-the-art GLP labs in Pennsylvania and Australia and project management/client support services in Germany.
As our industry moves from single- to multi-omics solutions, the oncology community is increasingly asking questions beyond DNA and RNA, which requires multi-platform capabilities from companies like CGI that offer complex multi-analyte biomarker solutions in the appropriate regulatory environment – whether discovery, preclinical, clinical trials, or patient testing and monitoring. vivoPharm significantly augments CGI’s capabilities enhancing the opportunity to understand the flow of information that underlies disease throughout the entire oncology development continuum. 
vivoPharm is recognized for its highly specialized research capabilities in early phase development and discovery, especially in IO models, tumor micro-environment studies, specialized pharmacology services, and studies utilizing patient-derived xenografts (PDx). It supports basic discovery, preclinical work and Phase I clinical trials for biopharma across five continents. With these added capabilities, CGI expands its service offerings, global reach, and biopharma client base to help accelerate access to clinical trials. This is especially true for IO, as the utilization of in vivo models and PDx platforms allow understanding disease mechanisms more closely and thoroughly.
vivoPharm’s extensive library of market-leading specialized tumor and disease models (xenograft and syngeneic, including subcutaneous, orthotopic, and metastatic models), toxicology and pharmacology services, and animal imaging capabilities provide CGI opportunities to deepen its relationships with existing biopharma customers through additional discovery and downstream molecular work, while also furthering CGI’s previously announced initiative aimed at early-phase drug repurposing and drug rescue programs. Being able to provide this bench-to-bedside model in a seamless, cost efficient, and risk-reducing way fundamentally transforms CGI’s value proposition for the oncology market making us the only fully-integrated drug discovery provider able to support drug rescue and drug repurposing studies for breakthrough oncology and IO therapies.

New CGI Pre-Clinical Capabilities and Service Offerings

With the growing CRO market, our enhanced capabilities and portfolio position us to meet the pre-clinical demands of it. The services that we bring on board are beyond just target screening and identification, and include small animal models, efficacy and toxicity studies (both in vitro and in vivo), as well as the downstream work including clinical trial testing, biomarker and bioanalytical services, and 24/7 operations and support due to our global presence.
Our newly acquired capabilities in both preclinical studies and IO clinical trials will be covered in CGI’s future insights. In the near-term, CGI will be hosting a series of webinars focused on our new capabilities beginning with novel applications of PDx models for patient stratification and biomarker decision-making in clinical trials, including IO combination trials.

Drop me an email for conversations about integrating our new capabilities into your oncology discovery, in vivo and in vitro drug development programs and early phase clinical trial testing.